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Critical Deck: voluntary. Characters currently using: Vicromano

Caravans: Caravan notes – as you could see, having me run over a dozen attacks of seven different varieties AND 5 major NPCs is not going to work. I think for now I’m going to go with the suggestion that at the beginning of the combat you chose one NPC that’s going to be active for the fight (you can choose to either vote on it each time or have a different one of you pick each time). Having a different NPC to pick each round would cause too many problems – they would get involved and then have to be followed up on. So with attacks that happen around the caravan any enemy you see is after YOU, the PCs, and your selected NPC. There will be another “battle” between the other NPCs and unseen attackers, which will get resolved with a combination of caravan combat and influence by how well you do – for instance, if you kill the apparent leaders of the attack in the beginning of the second round the caravan will get a bonus as the attackers’ morale will waver.

CARAVAN NPCS and their strengths and weakness (as discussed in campfire chats):
Amieko – strengths: bardic performance; bravado’s blade, sneak attack. Weaknesses: moderately skilled in combat, not heavily armored, non-replaceable
Koya – strengths: committed to healing and relatively selfless; buffs. Weaknesses: old, frail, committed to healing and relatively selfless, will to anything to keep allies alive, terrible nag to Sandru and Batulzi, only fortuneteller you have.
Sandru – strengths: nimble, strong fighter, uses acrobatics to set up flanking, sneak attacks. Weaknesses: stubbornly brave, can’t imagine himself dying.
Shalue – strengths: outstanding with a bow in any scenario, loyal, able to melee if she must. Weaknesses: Always in teacher mode, will wait until last moment to step in as so to give others a chance to prove themselves.
Mystenia – strengths: clearly has influence with luck and how it affects herself and others, causes some wacky shit to happen, watches out for others in group. weaknesses: not much of a combatant, powers are unpredictable (although they have worked well so far).

Hero points – voted down, will not be used.

Weapon Sizes: (As per conversation with Kit) Compatibility between weapons of different size categories is negotiable as long as the weapon damage remains the same. So a medium longsword (1D8) is equivalent to a small 2 handed sword (1D8), or a medium handaxe (1D6) is equivalent to a small battleaxe (1D6).

Eastern Exotic Weapons: For eastern exotic weapons – if you take a feat to use it, obviously you’d get everything associated with it. For those with similar martial weapon skill you can use the weapon without the -4 but with some reduction of the weapon’s abilities (crit range, specials, etc). Each weapon will be dealt with separately to see if the PCs have the limited proficiency necessary.

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