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Session #23 - We Fought This Stupid Elemental and All I Got Was Concussion Damage

(The party leveled up, and all are now 5th level)
With their prisoner secured in the bag of holding the party made their way back to shore and took off for the temple of Shelyn in the Fire District. As they neared Kei skidded around a corner, accompanied by Shalue. They had been following Uksakkah and tailed her to the temple. Suddenly everything shook and our sorta-heroes raced over to find the temple being crushed by a large earth elemental and the reappearance of their friend the raven with the red feather, who quickly departed.. The fight was epic as it would melt into the ground and reappear, but in the end it found itself stuck in a pit as the summoning time ran out and it vanished. The local priest had been tended to by Mystie and, once shown the chit, took them to the secret basement he’d hidden Uksakkah in. Alas, she was gone and there were signs that she had been abducted, with a large feather that Reshal identified as belonging to a tengu left behind, which Kei identified as a calling card of the local assassins guild known as the Frozen Shadows.

At this the helmet on Vickie proved to be more than a helmet and actually a cassissian angel named Helgarvel who had been spying on the Rimerunner Guild for quite some time and was confident it was a cover for the Frozen Shadows. It also clued them in to the owner of the blodd-feather raven, a mage of some sort named Goti Runecaster, and also the head of the Rimerunners Guild, a shadowy figure named Thorborg Silverskorr, who is rarely seen in public. Zestia’s wolf tried to track Uksakkah’s scent but lost in in a well-traveled area.

Back at the caravan, the group used the Amatatsu Seal to restore Vickie’s lost level, accepting the danger involved in exposing it. They gave Helgarvel to Koya for the night (both are tied to Desna) and set about interrogating the prisoner, with help from Reshal’s Charm spell. He told them that while the Frozen Shadow often operate in cells at various locations while in town, their main base of operations is at a place purchased from Snorri Stone Eye named Ravenscraeg. it’s high on a cliff 2 days walk outside of town, heavily guarded. At next session we will backtrack a little to before you brutally murdered a helpless prisoner as I’ve decided an answer he gave you isn’t quite correct and we’ll go from there.

NONE! But you did figure out that Snorri’s eye is a Nacreous gray sphere ioun stone, which provided immunity to magical aging and protects the wearer from ability score penalties from aging. It has a value of 10000 GP. Also, you figured out the eggs are Fugitive’s Grenades, which make a 10 foot radius Fog Cloud that has a rope trick in the middle. They have a value of 750gp each. Both items are in the items section

Session #22 - What? More Than 1 Battle a Day?

Session #22

The party met at Speak-shaker Point to have Uksakkah teach them how to use the two-person kayaks. As they were training a shark-eating crab thought they might be nummy treats and stormed ashore, clobbering Mystie immediately (she was down to 1 hit after 1 round). In the ensuing fight Vickie got knocked around but Jarvarel caught the worst of it, being hit and grabbed by the crab. A timely potion drinking kept him awake and struggling, but as Zestia and Vickie began to hurt the crab it decided to cut its losses and keep the monk as Dinner for One. A final shot took the thing down just as it reached the edge of the water. There then occurred much healing. Uksakkah, fearing for her life for reprisal by Asvig’s people, gave you a wooden token and said to bring Ulf to the temple of Shelyn in the Fire Quarter. You felt she was sincere.

The party reached the funeral boat with no mishaps (It was a DC10 for your roll + WIS, and I figured at least one boat would fail and dump you in the water, but you all rolled well). Once aboard, they disabled the fire-making device and headed belowdecks. A chain held not Ulf but rather the deceased Snorri Stone-Eye, now a draughr. Jarvarel was hit and would have gottena negative level, but Mystie’s reroll ability let him make the save on the nose the second time. Vickie was not so lucky and took one. Reshal’s summoned celestial hawk tore the hell out of the thing. Neither Ulf nor the sword were on the boat, but there was lots of treasure (more on that below) including a magnificent winged helmet that dectected as magic but was unidentifiable, sending Reshal in asort of giddy intellectual glee. Vickie, of course, put it right on. Tummus belatedly alerted Reshal to the fact that someone had climbed on deck (both the wolf and the raven boned 3 separate perception rolls, although the stealth of the ninjas was pretty good). They emerged to find 4 people in black clothes trying to set the boat on fire (and succeeding). As the battle raged Reshal summoned a water elemental to put the fire out (good thinking, that. I’m going to let you behind the curtain and let you know that the mod REALLY wanted that boat to go up in flames, but I am not going to force anything on you guys, especially when you out think me). So we left with three dead ninjas and one unconscious and captured, and lights from the beach the ship was launched from slowly heading in your direction, no doubt wondering why the ship hasn’t gone up in flames yet.

grayish ioun stone (unidentified)
Winged helm (magic, unidentified, worn by Vickie)
masterwork Battle Axe (still below decks)
each PC gathered 250 GP worth of valuables from the accumulated treasure, thanks to Pete’s fantastic appraisal roll. This consists of small items that must be sold or traded. Sure hope nobody recognizes the stuff, you (floating) tomb robbers!
(I’m going to assume to loot the corpses):
2 masterwork shortbows
6 tindertwigs
2 masterwork sianghams
4 jade raven statuettes (identical, remind me to have you make a roll next time we meet)
4 sets of masterwork thieves’ tools
4 eggshells inscribed with glyphs inscribed on them (unidentified)

Session #20 - #21 WEREGILD!!!!

Session #20
The party settled into Kalsgard and began trying to locate Suishan. Along the way they doused several ravens that seem to be watching them. They made contact with Fynn Snaevald, the merchant who had purchased Suishan so long ago. The blade had been stolen from him a few weeks ago and he enlisted the party to get it back under the banner of weregild for his murdered servants. They determined that it had been taken by Asvig Longthews, who had a stead outside of town. they then found Uksahkka, a guide who knew a guide who could take the caravan over the Crown of the World – only he’d gone off to meet with Asvig and never come back. The party also caught a Tien kid named Kei following them and made him work for them, possibly also with the caravan. they headed out to Asvig’s at night, hoping to catch them at less than full ability due to a wake (a drinking wake). Reshal successfully disarmed the sentry posts and they set up an ambush at the stead.

Session #21
The ambush started with Reshal tossing a pyrotechnic smoke could down a chimney, but as it went into the kitchen as opposed to the main room it didn’t work as planned. Ulfen began spilling out of the doors as they hacked them open, and several comically kept falling into Reshal’s pit. Vickie was soon in trouble and took a beating during the fighting, including a bleeding crit. He was healed several times by Misty. Reshal blinded Asvig and was able to resist his witch wife’s hexes. She was finally knocked out as Asvig continued to blindly fight until he was subdued as well. When woken up she claimed ignorance as to the location of the sword (which was not at the stead, nor was the guide Ulf). When Asvig was revived and questioned he exploded in a bloody mess. From those two and the thralls the party freed they managed to learn that Ulf had been taken away the day before and possibly was on the boat of Snorri Stone Eye, Asvig’s deceased leige lord who was scheduled to be burned at dawn. they allowed the thralls to deal with Helga, trying to get around Misty’s objections over killing her outright (for helga’s sake, a quick throat cutting would have been better for her. the thralls were PISSED). Using Zestia’s survival skills they avoided a large party of Ulfen coming down the road and made it back to town and Fynn’s, where they began to try to figure out what to do with the thralls. Uksahkka showed up and filled them in on the boat-burning ritual, knowing that trying to get there now was not a good idea (too well guarded) and that it would be delayed til nightfall (via some extremely heavy-handed module reasoning). Uksahhka offered to teach the party how to use 2-man canoes to row out to the ship when it was afloat and rescue Ulf (and get the sword, if it’s there).

Ivory pommel cap (330gp)
Boots of Elvenkind
19 lion arm bands (35gp each)
380 gp in various items
2 masterwork battleaxes
on Asvig:
Potion of Divine favor
masterwork chainmail
+1 sport spear (Misty would like this, if nobody objects)
435 gp worth of jewelry
on Helga:
masterwork sickle
ring of protection +1
brooch (70gp)
silk rope

Session #17 #18 #19 - Catching Up

Experience – as requested by the PCs I will be handling all experience at this point and will let you know when it’s time to level up. At the end of session #18 we lost the players for Batulzi and Lysandra as they moved to Maine (boo!) but have acquired a new player with the PC Zestia, a human ranger.

Session #17 centered around the PCs investigating a house that used to be an orphanage and turned out to be haunted by the former headmistress, a mass murdered named Granny DeMay. The party vanquished her and saved the new owner’s daughter (alas, it was far too late for her husband). Vickie came into possession of a magic broadsword with an unnaturally sharp edge.

Session #18 saw our slightly battered heroes heading back to Sandpoint after that and being attacked by a mysterious person in red they later identified as a Red mantis Assassin. She was ultimately defeated, but not until the party was knocked around. Who sent an assassin after them?

Session #19 saw Amieko’s caravan head off to the North. Zestia was sworn in as a Amatatsu scion by the Warding Seal. The caravan was attacked by a huge force of Ulfen raiders near a bridge and was able to send then running. the attackers all wore gold arm rings that bore something that kinda-sorta looked like a stylized lion’s head on them. When questioned the prisoners exploded in a mess of blood and gore. Once arriving in Kalsgard the caravan set up in the Bone Quarter with the other caravans while the PCs found lodging in the Jade Quarter. Kelda Oxgutter vanished upon arrival but returned with a Scabbard of Vigor, which she presented as thanks for freeing her. She has offered to serve as a guide while she can, as she has signed up with another ship and plans to head out again soon.

Session #16 - I Bet Reshal Misses That Statue


yeesh. You guys got quite a bit.

Zaiobe the betrayed harpy – 1600xp (in the mod she’s supposed to betray you once Kikonu dies because she wants your stuff. I was not going to do that as long as you agreed to give her the idol that kept calling to her from Reshal’s bag)

‘defeating’ Rokuro Kajitsu – 1600xp

2 mobats – 1600xp

6 dread corbies – 3600xp

1 ogre – 800xp

1 ettercap – 800xp

total xp: 8200

5PCs and 1 NPC each receive: 1317 xp for the session

Staff of the Northern Sun
+1 Kama of the Favorite Ally (or whatever I named it)
+1 kusarigama Dancing Wasp
6 vials of ink
5 pearls (100gp each)
one (1) +1 flaming arrow
+1 composite longbow
two (2) potions of cure moderate wounds
chain shirt
Warding Box
Amatatsu Seal

What you saw in your visions:

An army of terrible fiends, with burning skin, glaring eyes, and sharp tusks, wearing strange armor and exotic weapons, emerge in a storm from a vast forest, then descend on a nation populated by Tian people.

then a young man dressed in royal robes stands over a simple well, a friend at his side. Suddenly, the friend grows nearly three times in size and is sheathed in a frightening suit of jade armor. the jade warrior draws a sword and strikes down his royal friend, then holds the bloody sword aloft in triumph. A third vision follows, this of a young Tian man handing a beautiful sword sword to a richly dressed Ulfen man for a bag of gold. Finally you saw Ameiko waking from her deep sleep, but dressed in the finery of a empress and seated in the arms of a jade throne.

You know that:
- the land you saw invaded was Minkai and the man you saw murdered was Emperor Shigure of Minkai
- Ameiko’s true last name is Amatatsu and she is the last surviving heir of the 5 Royal Families
- the man selling the sword Suishen was Rokuro Kaijitsu. The sword is intelligent and can impart information.
- the man it was sold to is Fynn Snaevald, an Ulfen merchant from Kalsgard. In an amazing coincidence Kelda Oxgutter is from Kalsgard and knows the city well.
- you are aware of all of the powers of the Amatatsu Seal but also realize that when the warding box is opened the seal may be tracked by the mysterious Five Storms
- the Seal has marked you as scions, able to benefit from the healing powers it bestows. it represents the Amatatsu family’s divine right to rule the empire of Minkai, but also if Ameiko were to be slain and not provide an heir anyone marked as a scion would have a legitimate claim as well. The Seal cannot be teleported in any manner nor make any dimensional travel at all.

Other fun facts:
- you searched every room of the dungeon level. Of the other 45 rooms in the castle, you hit pretty much exactly the rooms you needed to and nothing else (I did make meeting the harpy a little easier rather than having you traipse through room after room).
- the graveyard was actually a safe haven, watched over by a lyrakien cleric of Desna. The only other place of interest in town was the lighthouse, which had a skeleton key to the castle (yes, i know that makes no sense).
- you missed fighting with a brutally tough Corby Cleric of Pazuzu and a sadistic quickling named Buttersnips who specializes in taxidermy of mostly dead creatures. There was also a corbie-manned catapult that had a 50% fail chance.
- aside from Zaiobe, the half-fiend decapus, and Kikonu I pumped up the CR of every other encounter to make them more challenging. Seriously, every creature in this mod is insane in one way or another. Like, nutso insane.
- Ameiko is beside herself with excitement and wants to head back to Sandpoint just long enough to sell everything she owns and then depart. Boat travel isn’t an option as a reliable route isn’t known and Ulfen raiders make any trip north extremely perilous. Sandru, Shalue, and Koya plan to stick with the caravan as do Mystie and Kelda. Figure that you will have time to do shopping in Riddleport for a day, but Ameiko doesn’t want to dawdle too long and points out that you’ll pass by the city again soon on the way to Kalsgard.

Session #15 - To be or Not to Harpy, That is the Question


Andril Kortun, former commander, now cairn wight: 1200xp

Kikonu, Yamabushi Tengu oni: 1600xp

total: 2800xp

5 PCs plus rotating NPC: 733xp

ad hoc for brutally effective ambush planning: 100xp each

Total for each PC: 833xp


+1 Longsword
Andril’s helm (250gp)

You have not searched Kikonu yet and in fact when we stopped it was Reshal’s turn in combat as the oni fell. In addition, Vickie has one (1) negative level due to a draining touch from the wight.

Session #14 - Some People have No Appreciation for Theatre


Phycomid: 1200xp

6 Advanced Trogs: 3600xp

6 Dread Corbies: 3600xp

total: 8400xp

5 PCs and 1 NPC: 1400xp each

Nothing! Well, a bloated dead tick.

This should push everyone over 4th level, so please update your character sheets for next session. Casters do NOT get new spells/slots until they’ve rested.

#13 - What else is there to say besides 'Junk Punch'?


Slugwort and Thugmerk, advanced ogres: 2400 xp

7 advanced troglodytes: 4200 xp

1 stone troglodyte (Orbakhag): 600 xp

rescuing Kelda Oxgutter: 800 xp

total: 8000xp

5 PCs and Mystie: 1133xp each

ad hoc: good strategy and the now infamous Junk Punch. 200 xp each

total for each PC: 1333xp

jail key
77 gp
masterwork dagger
earth elemental gem
1 cold iron morningstar (1d81)
2 potions of cure light wounds

Note: Reshal is now carrying a cursed statuette that affects him as a stone of weight (half movement, can’t fly).

#12 - because when do we ever take the front door?


5 reefclaws: 400xp each
Nindinzego, who had MAJOR issues (the fight turned on Vickie’s crit, which caused the thing to freak out and feel all doomed) 2400xp

5 PCs and Mystie – 468xp each

ad hoc – not walking through the front door, working well together in combat, finding the secret entrance – 200xp each

each PC gets 668xp for the session

+1 light fortification light steel shield with image of castle Brinewall on it
+1 returning starknife
pearl of power(1st level)
Ring of the Ram(10 charges)

1320 gp
800 gp in gems and jewelry
darkwood and silver disc decorated with and intricate etching of Brinewall under the midnight moon (faint transmutation)
stone statuette of Pazuzu

session #11 - Want an apple? No, i have a manticore.


2 manticores: 3200 xp

5 PCs and Amieko: 533xp each

manticore spikes, hides, heads

Ad Hoc: good thinking and staying true to your characters (including Batulzi being at Death’s Door) – 100xp each

Total XP each for session: 633xp


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