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Session #10 - Gone in a Flash


Broph, Varasilius, Orpeska and 6 mooks: 4000xp

5 PCs and Shalue: each PC gets 667 xp

Ring of Swimming
Amulet of natural Armor +1
Bracers of Armor +1
Masterwork heavy shield
Masterwork bastard sword
Masterwork breastplate
7 light crossbows, 6 short swords
Masterwork Rapier
Studded leather (7)

Session #9 - BBQ Dog and Light Torture

Experience: Gnolls on the Knoll
4 archers: 1600xp
5 spearmen, err, speargnolls: 2000xp
5 axegnolls: 2000xp
Flind: 600xp
Gnunelth the Shaman: 600xp
Gthok the Ranger: 600xp
Scratch the Hyena: 400xp

total xp: 7800
5 PCs and Shalue, Mystenia, Sandru
each PC gets 975xp

Thrill of the Chase:
possibly the most fun I’ve ever had running something. Your ingenuity and startling disregard for life (both canine and other) had me scrambling the entire run. It was entirely possible for you to fall too far behind and lose them (although Lisandra’s scent power might have messed with that) but while you foundered some they foundered a lot and so you caught them via Batulzi’s amazingly cinematic bit of insanity. I am awarding Lisandra, Reshal, Jarvarel, and Batulzi 300xp each for the chase. You should have all made 3rd level. if you can, please scroll through the adventure logs and update your xp total for me on your character oage – it’s one less job I have to do.

Loot: 1 cargo unit worth of gear from the gnolls (weapons, armor, etc)
Ring of the Shepherd
Flindbar (will doublecheck, but I believe it requires an exotic weapon proficiency to use)
Box of Amazing Mice
(I will add the ring and the box to the items section when I get a bit more time)
800gp in gems
wedding band – 200gp
Potion of Owl’s Wisdom CL3
Potion of Aid CL2
Skill Shards(someone has the card so confirm these please):
3 normal acrobatics +2
2 normal disable device +2
1 greater diplomacy +5
2 greater disable device +5

remember to delete scrolls and other consumables used up

Session #8 - We're On a Road to Somewhere

Experience – pending, as we stopped mid-fight. Don’t count the gnolls out yet. There will be a goodly amount of ad hoc XP as your roleplaying was uniformly outstanding. Plus Batulzi finally gets to attack from horseback (possibly).

2 scrolls of Inflict Moderate Wounds (CL3)
1 scroll of Fester (CL3)
2 scrolls of Sands of Time (CL5)
1 scroll of Excruciating Deformation (CL5)

Caravan notes – as you could see, having me run over a dozen attacks of seven different varieties AND 5 major NPCs is not going to work. I think for now I’m going to go with the suggestion that at the beginning of the combat you chose one NPC that’s going to be active for the fight (you can choose to either vote on it each time or have a different one of you pick each time). Having a different NPC to pick each round would cause too many problems – they would get involved and then have to be followed up on. So with attacks that happen around the caravan any enemy you see is after YOU, the PCs, and your selected NPC. There will be another “battle” between the other NPCs and unseen attackers, which will get resolved with a combination of caravan combat and influence by how well you do – for instance, if you kill the apparent leaders of the attack in the beginning of the second round the caravan will get a bonus as the attackers’ morale will waver. I will post this paragraphs and the strengths and weaknesses of the NPCs in the Wiki. For the rest of this fight Shalue and Sandru will be involved (although the latter is a mess). Mystie will fall back into the wagon to tend her not-minor wounds and will be joined by Amieko and Koya (so those three are part of the caravan for the rest of the fight).

Session #7 - Ghoul of my Dreams

(I am granting Jarvarel full experience as his character was fully active for the entire session)

4 ghouls: 1600xp
1 ghast: 600xp
5 skeletons: 675xp
1 Hoar Spirit: 800 xp

sub-total: 3675xp

Saving Nessa: 1000xp (There was actually a chance you wouldn’t save her. When you first entered the complex I gave her a 10% chance of her wound reopening and her bleeding out. I made a roll each time you did something that didn’t find her at a cumulative 10% increase. So when you fought the hoar spirit she had a 30% chance of dying – I rolled a 31. Seriously)

Ad hoc xp for a whole lot of things, including Reshal’s brilliant use of mage hand to save most of you from getting blown up. It was fun to watch you all trying to figure out how to get out of the cone of cold corridor when the hoar spirit had already used his once per day power :) : 200xp

total: 4875xp
each PC gets 812 xp

Loot: Lots o loot
+1 leather shirt
masterwork short sword
+ 1 dagger
2 potions of Cure Light Wounds
masterwork lockpicks
Acrobatic boots
Elixir of Fiery Fists (consumed)
+ 1 Ring of Protection
Wand of Magic Missile (CL1) 12 charges
Scrolls: all CL2
-Burning Hands
-Shocking Grasp
-Floating Disc
-Magic Weapon
Torc of Displacement
Pearl of Power (1st level)
+1 Longsword with Lissala’s sigil etched into the blade and on the tang nut.
Everfull Tankard (see items section)
Safewing Emblem
Heavy Steel shield with Lissala’s sigil
Breastsplate with Lissala’s sigil

Session #6 - Sister, Sister


Vickie, Batulzi, Reshal, Mistie, and Lisandra:

4 Festrogs: 1600 xp
Ad hoc: strong roleplaying including Vickie’s intimidation, Lisandra’s asking ’what’s in it for me?’ to Amieko, Batulzi’s burial rites and Reshal’s accompanying him, and a host of other good stuff: 500xp

subtotal: 420xp

Jarvarel – mission for Shalue: 210xp

For everyone: giving the letter to Amieko: 1200xp

Vickie, Batulzi, Reshal, Mistie, and Lisandra: 620xp each
Jarvarel: 410xp

masterwork mace
Masterwork wooden shield
heavy crossbow/quarrels
10 gp
brass knuckles
unidentified magic studded leather

Batulzi's (almost) Last Stand


10 Tien sketelons: 1035xp
Black Widow Spider: 800xp
Tsutamu, in epic fashion: 800xp
Finding the Katjitsu Star and Kajitsu’s Blossom: 200xp
Finding the scroll, translating it, and rolling well on your history check: 250xp
Completing the mission for Sandpoint: 1000xp
ad hoc/roleplaying: 300xp

Each PC gets 731xp for the session.

10 (ten) broken wakizashis
5 (five) potions of Cure Light Wounds
2 (two) potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
3 (three) potions of Lesser Restoration
Ring of Climbing
Wand of Identify with 19 charges
masterwork chain shirt (medium)
masterwork cold iron wakizashi
11 (eleven) Desnan Candles
4 (four) skyrockets
miniature mithral scroll tube (100gp)
Whispering Shrike – broken – see items for details
1 (one) dose of Black Widow Poison -save Fort DC 17; frequency 1/rd for 6 rounds; effect 1d3 CON and staggered; cure 2 saves
560gp in jewelry
jade and cherry wood chest (approx 250gp)

Session #4 - Which Witch is Which?
Session 4


Dire rats that went splat: 810xp
Skitterfoot, defeated but possibly lurking: 600xp
Skeletons: 675xp
Returning the remains of those killed by the Soggy River Monster: 800xp
Lisandra healing the wounded guards without being asked and thus smoothing relations that Vickie and Reshal seem determined to destroy: 800xp
Ad hoc for clever/fun ideas and roleplaying: 200xp

Each PC gets 646xp for the session. Welcome to 2nd level. Please have your characters updated for the next session. Any questions, let me know.

two (2) scrolls of cure light wounds(CL 7)
one (1) scroll of false life (CL 7)
one (1) scroll of water walk (CL 7)
medium masterwork studded leather armor
9 masterwork arrows
masterwork dagger in steel scabbard (15gp)
5 wakizashis (1 repaired, 4 broken but being repaired by guard armorer) (approx 35gp each)

Next time – the mission that got the guards routed has been accepted – Once more into the Brinestump

Updated: Session #3 - Rocket's Red Glare - March 27th, 2012


Gutwad’s 3 guards: 405xp
Goblins that fled into swamp and died (one by snake, one by giant leech): 270xp
Killing Chief Gutwad: 600xp
Finishing the job for Sandpoint: 800xp
Picking the lock to Gutwad’s throne room: 100xp
Ad hoc for good ideas and roleplaying: 200xp

Total XP: 396 per PC

In addition: Both Vicromano and Reshal increased their relationship rating with their relevant NPC enough to earn a 400XP bonus each. Vicromano and Reshal both get a total of 796 XP for this session.

Loot: (I will do my best here, but try to keep track of it on your own. I will endeavor to hand out item cards as treasure from now on)
90gp each for ears/Gutwad’s head
lacquered red chest (approx 150 gp)
six (6) masterwork shuriken
177gp (gold and silver combined from chest and Gutwad)
five (5) +1 animal bane arrows
two (2) potions of cure light wounds
small masterwork chain shirt
masterwork composite shortbow (longbow to small creature)
1 skyrocket – see items page for description
hairpin with red pearl (approx 150 gp)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds: 19 charges

Mystenia - interlude between #3/#4

This isn’t funny, she thought. Then she giggled.

Mystenia took another gulp from her mug and watched as her new friends basked in the adulation of the locals. Going in and wiping out a goblin warren in a single day has turned them into heroes of sorts, and there was a good celebration going. Normally Mystie loved a good party – or even a bad one – but for now she found herself sitting alone, brooding, while she drew pictures in spilled ale on the tabletop.

With a sigh she reached under her shirt and pulled out the necklace she wore. The lone charm was a pair of stylized dice in mid-roll. She wasn’t sure why she’d had that made at the time, but it had seemed like a good idea. A tribute to her luck. Sure, she had her bad streaks, but mostly things fell her way. The problem with that was when she was winning, others were losing, and some didn’t know how to handle that. Things got particularly dodgy one night when a rat-faced little git had pulled a blade on her and accused her of cheating. Caught flat-footed (and angry because at the time she hadn’t been cheating AT ALL) she’d blurted out the first thing that came into her head: “I’m not cheating, I’m just lucky. Most who follow Sinashakti are.”

After a few seconds the knife went away and the guy sat back down, apparently appeased. Mystie, however, had been more than confused. Where had that come from? She barely even knew that Sinashakti existed. A little research uncovered info on the minor deity, primarily associated with travel but in some aspects mentioned as a god of luck. Interesting. Intriguing. Frightening. Dressing up in robes and swinging censures was not Mystie’s style, and she did her best to put it out of mind. And she had, for the most part.

Until today. Until she opened up that secret door just in time to see the big goblin – well, as big as goblins get, anyway – dodge a swing from the guy who smells like a horse. Batulzi. He’d left himself wide open and the chief was going to bury his spear in his side. She hardly knew Batulzi but he seemed decent enough, and kind of funny, but she wasn’t going to be able to stop the blow with her shortspear. The point drove toward Batulzi and in her mind she voiced a useless protest – NO!

To her amazement the tip of the spear glowed with an odd purple light, just for a the barest of moments, and veered just a hair to the left, digging a groove along the big man’s hide armor but not puncturing his side or anything else. It didn’t look like anyone else had seen the glow. She wanted to believe she hadn’t but she knew, she KNEW, that she had. And that she had caused it. And that the best thing to do then would be to stick her spear through the goblin’s head. So she did. And now she sat here nursing her drink, trying to figure out what it all meant. Was it a calling? Could it be on her terms? Was this why she was always so lucky? And could the dice on her necklace actually be a holy symbol of sorts?

Now THAT was funny. She drained her mug and smacked the ass of the barboy as he scurried by, smiling at his howl of outrage. Good day to be Mystie. Then again, they usually were.

Session #2 - Under the Boardwalk


Tracking the pig’s trail back to the Licktoads: 600xp
Vanquishing the ‘Soggy River Monster’: 600xp
Getting extra goblin ears from the pigpen: 150xp
cutting down the poor goblins who were only trying to save their home: 1350xp

each PC gets 450 xp

In addition:
Jarvarel, Batulzi, and Lisandra have met the relationship requirements with their chosen NPCs tand thus activate an XP bonus of 400xp each. For info on how that works see page 14 of the Jade Regent Player’s Guide or just ask me.

Next Week: Battered and low on magic and healing, our heroes face a difficult choice as to what to do next. Which trail to follow? To go after Gutwad or not? Decisions, decisions.


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