Box of Amazing Mice

racing mice!


MouseBox of Amazing Mice

Aura moderate transmutation, faint divine, moderate evocation CL5 DC20 identify

price: unknown
slot: held

This appears as a small sealed wooden box that rattles when shaken. There are no hinges, latch, or keyhole. If the lid is pried off 4 brightly colored stone mice spill out and the enchantment is destroyed. On the top small squares of ivory and ebony form a picture of a mouse and the word for ‘Race’ in Elvish. If the command word is spoken (a standard action) while the box is being held it enlarges to become a 2 foot square maze (that can be placed down by the bearer on a flat surface) with a transparent glass top. Inside are four brightly colored mice: yellow, blue, green, and red. The mice enter the maze and race for the exit, taking 1d4 rounds. The first mouse to exit the maze will become available for use (see below) as the maze and other three mice will revert to their original form. Roll a d20 to see which mouse wins the race. Each mouse has a different magical ability:

01-10 – YELLOW – Immediately casts a light spell on an item of the activator’s choice within 30 feet that lasts 1 hour. The mouse then teleports back into the box.

11-14 – BLUE – Immediately casts Magic Missile (consisting of 3 missiles) at a target chosen by the activator with a range of 150 feet. The mouse then teleports back into the box

15-18 – GREEN – This mouse will cast a cure moderate wounds (CL3) when touched to a wounded being. If not used within an hour the spell will disperse and the mouse will teleport back into the box. The mouse is docile and content to be held for the duration, but if left alone it will engage in normal mouse-like behavior until the hour passes. It has an AC of 11 and a single hit point – if struck it vanishes but will be ready to go the next day

19-20 – RED – Casts a 4d6 Fireball when the user points at the location and speaks the desired range. This requires a move action from the activator. The mouse and charged spell will remain for two minutes after summoning – after that the spell energy will disperse harmlessly and the mouse will teleport back into the box.

The Box of Amazing Mice can be used once per day.


Box of Amazing Mice

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