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Session #23 - We Fought This Stupid Elemental and All I Got Was Concussion Damage

(The party leveled up, and all are now 5th level)
With their prisoner secured in the bag of holding the party made their way back to shore and took off for the temple of Shelyn in the Fire District. As they neared Kei skidded around a corner, accompanied by Shalue. They had been following Uksakkah and tailed her to the temple. Suddenly everything shook and our sorta-heroes raced over to find the temple being crushed by a large earth elemental and the reappearance of their friend the raven with the red feather, who quickly departed.. The fight was epic as it would melt into the ground and reappear, but in the end it found itself stuck in a pit as the summoning time ran out and it vanished. The local priest had been tended to by Mystie and, once shown the chit, took them to the secret basement he’d hidden Uksakkah in. Alas, she was gone and there were signs that she had been abducted, with a large feather that Reshal identified as belonging to a tengu left behind, which Kei identified as a calling card of the local assassins guild known as the Frozen Shadows.

At this the helmet on Vickie proved to be more than a helmet and actually a cassissian angel named Helgarvel who had been spying on the Rimerunner Guild for quite some time and was confident it was a cover for the Frozen Shadows. It also clued them in to the owner of the blodd-feather raven, a mage of some sort named Goti Runecaster, and also the head of the Rimerunners Guild, a shadowy figure named Thorborg Silverskorr, who is rarely seen in public. Zestia’s wolf tried to track Uksakkah’s scent but lost in in a well-traveled area.

Back at the caravan, the group used the Amatatsu Seal to restore Vickie’s lost level, accepting the danger involved in exposing it. They gave Helgarvel to Koya for the night (both are tied to Desna) and set about interrogating the prisoner, with help from Reshal’s Charm spell. He told them that while the Frozen Shadow often operate in cells at various locations while in town, their main base of operations is at a place purchased from Snorri Stone Eye named Ravenscraeg. it’s high on a cliff 2 days walk outside of town, heavily guarded. At next session we will backtrack a little to before you brutally murdered a helpless prisoner as I’ve decided an answer he gave you isn’t quite correct and we’ll go from there.

NONE! But you did figure out that Snorri’s eye is a Nacreous gray sphere ioun stone, which provided immunity to magical aging and protects the wearer from ability score penalties from aging. It has a value of 10000 GP. Also, you figured out the eggs are Fugitive’s Grenades, which make a 10 foot radius Fog Cloud that has a rope trick in the middle. They have a value of 750gp each. Both items are in the items section



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