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Session #22 - What? More Than 1 Battle a Day?

Session #22

The party met at Speak-shaker Point to have Uksakkah teach them how to use the two-person kayaks. As they were training a shark-eating crab thought they might be nummy treats and stormed ashore, clobbering Mystie immediately (she was down to 1 hit after 1 round). In the ensuing fight Vickie got knocked around but Jarvarel caught the worst of it, being hit and grabbed by the crab. A timely potion drinking kept him awake and struggling, but as Zestia and Vickie began to hurt the crab it decided to cut its losses and keep the monk as Dinner for One. A final shot took the thing down just as it reached the edge of the water. There then occurred much healing. Uksakkah, fearing for her life for reprisal by Asvig’s people, gave you a wooden token and said to bring Ulf to the temple of Shelyn in the Fire Quarter. You felt she was sincere.

The party reached the funeral boat with no mishaps (It was a DC10 for your roll + WIS, and I figured at least one boat would fail and dump you in the water, but you all rolled well). Once aboard, they disabled the fire-making device and headed belowdecks. A chain held not Ulf but rather the deceased Snorri Stone-Eye, now a draughr. Jarvarel was hit and would have gottena negative level, but Mystie’s reroll ability let him make the save on the nose the second time. Vickie was not so lucky and took one. Reshal’s summoned celestial hawk tore the hell out of the thing. Neither Ulf nor the sword were on the boat, but there was lots of treasure (more on that below) including a magnificent winged helmet that dectected as magic but was unidentifiable, sending Reshal in asort of giddy intellectual glee. Vickie, of course, put it right on. Tummus belatedly alerted Reshal to the fact that someone had climbed on deck (both the wolf and the raven boned 3 separate perception rolls, although the stealth of the ninjas was pretty good). They emerged to find 4 people in black clothes trying to set the boat on fire (and succeeding). As the battle raged Reshal summoned a water elemental to put the fire out (good thinking, that. I’m going to let you behind the curtain and let you know that the mod REALLY wanted that boat to go up in flames, but I am not going to force anything on you guys, especially when you out think me). So we left with three dead ninjas and one unconscious and captured, and lights from the beach the ship was launched from slowly heading in your direction, no doubt wondering why the ship hasn’t gone up in flames yet.

grayish ioun stone (unidentified)
Winged helm (magic, unidentified, worn by Vickie)
masterwork Battle Axe (still below decks)
each PC gathered 250 GP worth of valuables from the accumulated treasure, thanks to Pete’s fantastic appraisal roll. This consists of small items that must be sold or traded. Sure hope nobody recognizes the stuff, you (floating) tomb robbers!
(I’m going to assume to loot the corpses):
2 masterwork shortbows
6 tindertwigs
2 masterwork sianghams
4 jade raven statuettes (identical, remind me to have you make a roll next time we meet)
4 sets of masterwork thieves’ tools
4 eggshells inscribed with glyphs inscribed on them (unidentified)



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