kit jade regent

Session #20 - #21 WEREGILD!!!!

Session #20
The party settled into Kalsgard and began trying to locate Suishan. Along the way they doused several ravens that seem to be watching them. They made contact with Fynn Snaevald, the merchant who had purchased Suishan so long ago. The blade had been stolen from him a few weeks ago and he enlisted the party to get it back under the banner of weregild for his murdered servants. They determined that it had been taken by Asvig Longthews, who had a stead outside of town. they then found Uksahkka, a guide who knew a guide who could take the caravan over the Crown of the World – only he’d gone off to meet with Asvig and never come back. The party also caught a Tien kid named Kei following them and made him work for them, possibly also with the caravan. they headed out to Asvig’s at night, hoping to catch them at less than full ability due to a wake (a drinking wake). Reshal successfully disarmed the sentry posts and they set up an ambush at the stead.

Session #21
The ambush started with Reshal tossing a pyrotechnic smoke could down a chimney, but as it went into the kitchen as opposed to the main room it didn’t work as planned. Ulfen began spilling out of the doors as they hacked them open, and several comically kept falling into Reshal’s pit. Vickie was soon in trouble and took a beating during the fighting, including a bleeding crit. He was healed several times by Misty. Reshal blinded Asvig and was able to resist his witch wife’s hexes. She was finally knocked out as Asvig continued to blindly fight until he was subdued as well. When woken up she claimed ignorance as to the location of the sword (which was not at the stead, nor was the guide Ulf). When Asvig was revived and questioned he exploded in a bloody mess. From those two and the thralls the party freed they managed to learn that Ulf had been taken away the day before and possibly was on the boat of Snorri Stone Eye, Asvig’s deceased leige lord who was scheduled to be burned at dawn. they allowed the thralls to deal with Helga, trying to get around Misty’s objections over killing her outright (for helga’s sake, a quick throat cutting would have been better for her. the thralls were PISSED). Using Zestia’s survival skills they avoided a large party of Ulfen coming down the road and made it back to town and Fynn’s, where they began to try to figure out what to do with the thralls. Uksahkka showed up and filled them in on the boat-burning ritual, knowing that trying to get there now was not a good idea (too well guarded) and that it would be delayed til nightfall (via some extremely heavy-handed module reasoning). Uksahhka offered to teach the party how to use 2-man canoes to row out to the ship when it was afloat and rescue Ulf (and get the sword, if it’s there).

Ivory pommel cap (330gp)
Boots of Elvenkind
19 lion arm bands (35gp each)
380 gp in various items
2 masterwork battleaxes
on Asvig:
Potion of Divine favor
masterwork chainmail
+1 sport spear (Misty would like this, if nobody objects)
435 gp worth of jewelry
on Helga:
masterwork sickle
ring of protection +1
brooch (70gp)
silk rope



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