kit jade regent

Session #17 #18 #19 - Catching Up

Experience – as requested by the PCs I will be handling all experience at this point and will let you know when it’s time to level up. At the end of session #18 we lost the players for Batulzi and Lysandra as they moved to Maine (boo!) but have acquired a new player with the PC Zestia, a human ranger.

Session #17 centered around the PCs investigating a house that used to be an orphanage and turned out to be haunted by the former headmistress, a mass murdered named Granny DeMay. The party vanquished her and saved the new owner’s daughter (alas, it was far too late for her husband). Vickie came into possession of a magic broadsword with an unnaturally sharp edge.

Session #18 saw our slightly battered heroes heading back to Sandpoint after that and being attacked by a mysterious person in red they later identified as a Red mantis Assassin. She was ultimately defeated, but not until the party was knocked around. Who sent an assassin after them?

Session #19 saw Amieko’s caravan head off to the North. Zestia was sworn in as a Amatatsu scion by the Warding Seal. The caravan was attacked by a huge force of Ulfen raiders near a bridge and was able to send then running. the attackers all wore gold arm rings that bore something that kinda-sorta looked like a stylized lion’s head on them. When questioned the prisoners exploded in a mess of blood and gore. Once arriving in Kalsgard the caravan set up in the Bone Quarter with the other caravans while the PCs found lodging in the Jade Quarter. Kelda Oxgutter vanished upon arrival but returned with a Scabbard of Vigor, which she presented as thanks for freeing her. She has offered to serve as a guide while she can, as she has signed up with another ship and plans to head out again soon.



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