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Session #16 - I Bet Reshal Misses That Statue


yeesh. You guys got quite a bit.

Zaiobe the betrayed harpy – 1600xp (in the mod she’s supposed to betray you once Kikonu dies because she wants your stuff. I was not going to do that as long as you agreed to give her the idol that kept calling to her from Reshal’s bag)

‘defeating’ Rokuro Kajitsu – 1600xp

2 mobats – 1600xp

6 dread corbies – 3600xp

1 ogre – 800xp

1 ettercap – 800xp

total xp: 8200

5PCs and 1 NPC each receive: 1317 xp for the session

Staff of the Northern Sun
+1 Kama of the Favorite Ally (or whatever I named it)
+1 kusarigama Dancing Wasp
6 vials of ink
5 pearls (100gp each)
one (1) +1 flaming arrow
+1 composite longbow
two (2) potions of cure moderate wounds
chain shirt
Warding Box
Amatatsu Seal

What you saw in your visions:

An army of terrible fiends, with burning skin, glaring eyes, and sharp tusks, wearing strange armor and exotic weapons, emerge in a storm from a vast forest, then descend on a nation populated by Tian people.

then a young man dressed in royal robes stands over a simple well, a friend at his side. Suddenly, the friend grows nearly three times in size and is sheathed in a frightening suit of jade armor. the jade warrior draws a sword and strikes down his royal friend, then holds the bloody sword aloft in triumph. A third vision follows, this of a young Tian man handing a beautiful sword sword to a richly dressed Ulfen man for a bag of gold. Finally you saw Ameiko waking from her deep sleep, but dressed in the finery of a empress and seated in the arms of a jade throne.

You know that:
- the land you saw invaded was Minkai and the man you saw murdered was Emperor Shigure of Minkai
- Ameiko’s true last name is Amatatsu and she is the last surviving heir of the 5 Royal Families
- the man selling the sword Suishen was Rokuro Kaijitsu. The sword is intelligent and can impart information.
- the man it was sold to is Fynn Snaevald, an Ulfen merchant from Kalsgard. In an amazing coincidence Kelda Oxgutter is from Kalsgard and knows the city well.
- you are aware of all of the powers of the Amatatsu Seal but also realize that when the warding box is opened the seal may be tracked by the mysterious Five Storms
- the Seal has marked you as scions, able to benefit from the healing powers it bestows. it represents the Amatatsu family’s divine right to rule the empire of Minkai, but also if Ameiko were to be slain and not provide an heir anyone marked as a scion would have a legitimate claim as well. The Seal cannot be teleported in any manner nor make any dimensional travel at all.

Other fun facts:
- you searched every room of the dungeon level. Of the other 45 rooms in the castle, you hit pretty much exactly the rooms you needed to and nothing else (I did make meeting the harpy a little easier rather than having you traipse through room after room).
- the graveyard was actually a safe haven, watched over by a lyrakien cleric of Desna. The only other place of interest in town was the lighthouse, which had a skeleton key to the castle (yes, i know that makes no sense).
- you missed fighting with a brutally tough Corby Cleric of Pazuzu and a sadistic quickling named Buttersnips who specializes in taxidermy of mostly dead creatures. There was also a corbie-manned catapult that had a 50% fail chance.
- aside from Zaiobe, the half-fiend decapus, and Kikonu I pumped up the CR of every other encounter to make them more challenging. Seriously, every creature in this mod is insane in one way or another. Like, nutso insane.
- Ameiko is beside herself with excitement and wants to head back to Sandpoint just long enough to sell everything she owns and then depart. Boat travel isn’t an option as a reliable route isn’t known and Ulfen raiders make any trip north extremely perilous. Sandru, Shalue, and Koya plan to stick with the caravan as do Mystie and Kelda. Figure that you will have time to do shopping in Riddleport for a day, but Ameiko doesn’t want to dawdle too long and points out that you’ll pass by the city again soon on the way to Kalsgard.



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