kit jade regent

#13 - What else is there to say besides 'Junk Punch'?


Slugwort and Thugmerk, advanced ogres: 2400 xp

7 advanced troglodytes: 4200 xp

1 stone troglodyte (Orbakhag): 600 xp

rescuing Kelda Oxgutter: 800 xp

total: 8000xp

5 PCs and Mystie: 1133xp each

ad hoc: good strategy and the now infamous Junk Punch. 200 xp each

total for each PC: 1333xp

jail key
77 gp
masterwork dagger
earth elemental gem
1 cold iron morningstar (1d81)
2 potions of cure light wounds

Note: Reshal is now carrying a cursed statuette that affects him as a stone of weight (half movement, can’t fly).



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