kit jade regent

#12 - because when do we ever take the front door?


5 reefclaws: 400xp each
Nindinzego, who had MAJOR issues (the fight turned on Vickie’s crit, which caused the thing to freak out and feel all doomed) 2400xp

5 PCs and Mystie – 468xp each

ad hoc – not walking through the front door, working well together in combat, finding the secret entrance – 200xp each

each PC gets 668xp for the session

+1 light fortification light steel shield with image of castle Brinewall on it
+1 returning starknife
pearl of power(1st level)
Ring of the Ram(10 charges)

1320 gp
800 gp in gems and jewelry
darkwood and silver disc decorated with and intricate etching of Brinewall under the midnight moon (faint transmutation)
stone statuette of Pazuzu



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